Luce's Driving thoughts

As I sit here thinking about what's important around the holidays, I find family comes into focus, while we prepare for the holiday season. I wonder what preparing means for you and your family in regards to your financial future , some say that we spend more time planning holidays , vacations and what we will do tomorrow then what were are going to do in our future financially .

Thinking about what's important to me and my family in the holiday season I have come to realize that my plans, dreams, and hopes all hinge by what planning I have done in regards to how my family will live if I become sick or hurt or even die. That worries me that at any time all my plans can be wiped out it's a scary thought. In our case with having special needs children comes into play even more.

I ask you that as you read this how much time recently have you taken to think about your financial future. I challenge you this holiday season as you look at your family how do you want them to live, what kind of future do you want them to have and what dreams do you want fulfilled if something were to happen to you. I will leave you with this thought your family depends on you do you what kind of future do you want them to have. In closing may your holidays be blessed and your future be bright.


Russell G Luce